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Saturday, November 21, 2009



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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cotton Crumple News!

We would like to express our gratitude to the following reviewers for their kind support in featuring our items...

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hunting Season: Checked Pastel Blazer

ITEM #123 - AVAILABLE (last piece)

Here's something slightly different from your normal black/white/grey blazers. Made of top notch material with functional pockets and the width is adjustable. Fits UK4-10.

RM 56

Hurry, grab one for yourself! Mail us at:
Blazers like these don't come by often, y'know! :o)

Hunting Season: Tank with Frills

ITEM #122a (white) - SOLD OUT

ITEM #122b (black) - SOLD OUT

ITEM #122c (grey) - SOLD OUT

This slouchy long tank is a personal favourite. The loosely hanging frills give the otherwise simple tank some edge and this piece can be dressed up or down, tucked in or out or worn under a blazer or cardi. Note that the frills design for the piece in grey is slightly different than the other two. Fits UK4-10.

RM 46

If you dig slouchy, this is for you! Mail us at:
We know you want to!

Hunting Season: Solid Colour Romper

ITEM #121a (black) - SOLD OUT

ITEM #121b (grey) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #121c (brown) - SOLD OUT

A simple yet ultra comfy (we swear!) romper made of soft top notch silky soft material. You won't wanna take it off once you slip into it! Comes with pleated detailings along the shoulders and down the front and a drawstring waist. Fits UK4-10.

RM 56

Want to look good yet feel comfortable at the same time? Then this is the piece for you!
Tempting, no? :o)

Hunting Season: Checked Jumpsuit with Frills

ITEM #120a (blue, left) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #120b (grey, right) - AVAILABLE

A fun and girly romper with frills on the straps and neckline. Perfect for a day out. Stretchable band at the upper back and drawstring waist. Fits UK6-10.

RM 55

To get yourself a piece, email us at:
Limited stocks available, so be quick!

Hunting Season: Tank with Unique Floral Front Piece

ITEM #119a (yellow) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #119b (blue) - AVAILABLE

This piece caught our attention with it's unique design and is definitely the first of its kind that we've seen. Fold it and iron it down for a touch of origami or just let it flow down. Slightly stretchable. Fits UK4-8.

RM 34

Wanna be unique? Send a love mail to:
We're waiting! :o)

Hunting Season: Floral Chiffon Spaghetti Top with Ruffles

**Model is using Vintage Inspired Sling Bag (Item #105)**

ITEM #118a (orange, left) - SOLD OUT

ITEM #118b (red, right) - SOLD OUT

Dress this dainty piece up by tucking it into a waisted bottom or pair it with skinnies and killer heels, or dress it down with shorts and a straw hat for a day of fun in the sun. We absolutely adore the florals and ruffled details at the neckline. Smocked back, adjustable straps. Fits UK4-8.

RM 42

Think this piece is such a sweetheart too? Mail us at:
Limited pieces, y'all!

Hunting Season: Denim Spaghetti Dress with Exposed Zipper

**Belt not included

ITEM #117a (light) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #117b (dark) - reserved

Zippers zippers zippers, we know you're all crazy about them! Elastic band on the upper back and around the waist, adjustable straps. Fits UK4-8.

RM 55

To grab yourselves one, mail us at:

Hunting Season: Dual-Tone Dress with Ruffles and Buttons

ITEM #116a (white) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #116b (grey) - AVAILABLE

ITEM #116c (black) - SOLD OUT

Cute buttons and ruffled details on the top to make this casual piece a little more interesting. Note that the bottom material for the white and black piece is slightly metallic while it is tweed (we think?) for the piece in grey. Smocked at the back of the waist. Fits UK6-small 10.

RM 55

Interested? Drop us a mail at:
We just can't wait! :o)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cotton Crumple News!

We would like to shout out two *BIG THANK YOUS* to the following reviewers for featuring our items. Very very much appreciated and thank you for the support. :o)

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Much love from Cotton Crumple.

Next Update!

Day: Sunday

Date: 09 August 09

Time: 9.00 P.M.

What to expect?

Exposed zippers
Our very first blazer!
Slouchy tanks
Unique pieces
We're not telling anymore.

Stay tuned!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Hunting Season: Striped Orange and White Long Top with Ruffles


One of our favourites, this cheerful top is long enough to be paired with leggings and can also be worn tucked in with the row of lovely ruffles down the middle. Fits UK4-8.

RM 46

If you're as excited as we are about this piece, mail us at:
Limited pieces and ts not restockable. :o)

Hunting Season: Houndstooth Waisted Skirt with Exposed Zipper


Exposed zippers are the rave now, aren't they? What we love about this skirt is the pleats at the top and hem that makes our tushy look a little more pert. And you know how some smocked-waist skirts may look unsightly especially at the back with excess fabric? Well, you won't have that problem with this piece. It also has two very practical functional side pockets. Fits UK4-8.

RM 46

To grab yourself a piece, drop us a mail at:
Let us remind you, its not restockable. :o)

Hunting Season: White Printed Chiffon Dress with Tiers


We couldn't help but squeal in excitement the moment we spotted this lovely dress. Just look at it! Need we say more? Smocked on both sides at the back, straps can be adjusted in 2 lengths. Fits UK6-8.

RM 58

Oh yes we know you want this piece so hurry mail us at:
Oh by the way, its our one and only piece. :o)